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Tracey Harvey

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Name: Tracey Harvey 


Hi, I'm Tracy Harvey. And I'm in David Vidales' student group. And I'm just here to say that David's program is a stellar program. When, let me see, I started I had a group coaching last year and it, you know, got me started and it was basically about a three month program or so, and it helped me to kind of develop my signature system. And, but then once the group's over, there were still so many questions that I had just whether it was technology or content or marketing sales.

And so when I joined David's group, what I have found that it wasn't like I was starting over because David really, within the program, it takes you exactly where you are. And so I was able to have a lot more of my questions answered and I realized like before I was trying to do a group launch and with David it's, it just makes sense as a program.

And what I love about his coaching is it's really step-by-step it's there's so much clarity. He is so, not only so organized but he has this, his clarity about what he's teaching is so clear that you can follow it, literally step-by-step and go back and watch the videos and whatnot. And what I really, really appreciate too, is that we just have this continual, you, continuous coaching. So in the Saturday groups, for example, it's almost as though I have an individual coach because David goes around and asks us questions and there's, it's so, so valuable.

And so sometimes when I'm feeling like I'm losing a little bit momentum with the group or I, if I'm struggling with something, I get back on board again, because he's so inspirational. And I have recommended this program to many people because honestly, just from where I've been for doing this course creation for a year and a half or so, and seeing everything that's out there, just from my experience, I would highly recommend David and it just keeps me kind of like focused and on the right track.

So I'm so grateful, so appreciative and I just think he's the best coach. So thank you. And I would say sign up for David's course. You'll never regret it.

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