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Name: Shane Mackey


Hello, my name is Shane Mackey, and I'm delighted to have this opportunity to give a video testimonial for David Vidales. Before I start, I'd like to give you a little bit about my background. I come from Ireland and I have been living and teaching in Thailand since 2003. I'm teaching English as a foreign language, and I have opened my own language school over there. In March of this year 2020, I came home to Ireland for holiday, and I've been stuck here ever since because of COVID.

So my original plan was to go back to Thailand after the holiday and open up new schools all over Thailand. So since I have been stuck here in Ireland I am planning to start online courses for teaching English. And originally my idea was to aim at Thai students, the market I'm familiar with. And I struggled for a few months and developing this, developing my online course and my platform and all of the trial and error that is involved with doing this, even though I have a master's in online and distance education, it just took, it was just so much work and I felt like I was every day making one step forward, five steps backwards with trial and error, trying out different, you know, different ways of making videos, building the courses, putting it all together.

And I really felt that I could do with having a mentor. I came across David's group and the online course creators community. And I was very impressed from the beginning with David, what he's doing, and the community in general. And it took me probably a couple of months before I finally got in touch with David for a coaching call. And my idea was to, you know, get to this coaching call, and he said he would give me a plan and help clarify things. And the coaching call itself was, it turned my world upside down. And let me just put it like that. So it really opened my eyes and afterwards David offered to work together on my plan. He helped me come up with a new, a new direction and then he offered to work together with me by giving me the opportunity to buy into his course and originally I thought, you know, I don't think I need it, I don't need to make that investment.

I was a bit strapped for cash and I figured that I had a pretty clear idea about where I was going to go then, but I thought about it for a few days. And I just realized if those, if I hadn't have waited for those two months to get in contact with him, or even two months before that, even realizing who David was, how far down the line I would have been at that stage. So I decided to bite the bullet, make the investment and join David's course. And I say, honestly, it's one of the best investments I've ever made in my whole life. I'm absolutely delighted. I just, the only mistake, the only mistake I made was not doing it sooner, but sure.

This is, there's nothing we can do about that, but for anyone thinking about it, I really recommend it. There's two main advantages, I suppose, for me, first of all, the step-by-step program, because I didn't have, I didn't have the experience and I didn't have a roadmap of where to do this. I just, I would have been wasting years probably trying to do this to where I am now. And I'm in the program, I think about three months now, could even be exactly three months. And I've gotten so much accomplished in that time. So the step-by-step program is worth its weight in gold, and it really is step by step, explaining everything, his unique method, I love. You know, building your audience before you build your course makes so much sense. So at the moment I've built my audience right now.

I have over 700 people in my Facebook community and it's extremely active. David told me in the coaching call, I said, I was anxious about how that community, how, much engagement there would be in the community with English learners. And David said to me, how did he put it, he said, don't worry about that. I'm the expert in that, or I'll take care of that for you. I'll be able to help you out with that, something along those lines and he has, and it's extremely engaged, it's an engaged community. So I'm about to start selling my course. I already have a list of people waiting to buy it. And it's just, so much of this is down to David and his amazing course. So I told you that there are two aspects. The first is the step-by-step program, which gave me a perfect direct roadmap of everything I need to do.

And second of all, which possibly, well, I don't know if it's more important or not, could be more important is the community. There's a very active community of people who are in the same boat. And I regularly, when I come across issues, I post in the community and David is extremely active. He always gets back very, very quickly on any, questions I have, and I always have a lot. So the community, a quick example in my own community, I had an issue, with one of the members. I wasn't sure how to deal with it. And I just said, hold on, I speak with my team and I'll get back to you, and it felt fantastic to be able to say that. And I feel that I do have a team of experts working alongside me now, as I go along this journey.

So I was able to post into the group. David and other members of the team gave me advice on that particular issue. And that's the way it always is. And it's just, it's fantastic. I really, really recommend joining this course if you're thinking about setting up a course, an online course, and building a community and selling, helping others. And yeah, I wouldn't make this, I'm not, I'm delighted to have this opportunity to create this testimonial for David. Any time, any chance I get, I type in, I say to people, go for it, go for it. So yes, go for it. I give a huge thumbs up and while I'm here, I'd like to say, thanks again David, and for everything you've helped me with, I really appreciate it and I highly recommend this course. Thank you.

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